engineered-equipmentsWe offer custom designed chemical reactors and tanks for various chemical & processes of fluids. Reactors and tanks have wide range of application in petrochemical & process plants. All reactors and tanks are unique in design, custom based and complying with relevant standards. We offers CSTR (Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor), PFR (Plug Flow Reactor), Semi batch Reactor, catalytic reactors as per their requirements.

Various types of storage tanks are also offered as per client’s specification. Tanks are also provided with special requirements like internal Rubber lining, Flack lining, Polyethane Lining or coated with special paints. Externally tanks are also provided with blast surface and epoxy paint or as special painting requirements by the clients. Material of construction also varies from Carbon steel, low alloy steels, Stainless Steel, Duplex etc. Tanks are also offered with IBR, ASME ‘U’ Stamp, PED, CIN stamping. Vessels and tanks are also packing and supplied to the site worldwide with state of art logistic services.