Pressure Vessels as named a vessel or closed tank containing liquid or Gas with more than atmospheric pressure. Pressure vessels as said are also designed customized to suit the application. The specification such as Gas or liquid type, their nature, pressure, temperature, capacity etc are important to know before designing pressure vessels. Openings such as inlet, outlet, drains, overflow, instruments, manholes, gauges are provided as per requirement. Selection of material constructions, thickness, sizes, cladding, lining, coating etc are also depends upon the technical specifications. Sizes also vary as per requirement. In sort Pressure vessels are unique and customized in design as per requirement. Pressure vessels are widely used to store the liquids, gases, or for processing of liquids and gases such as chemical reactions and processes in many chemical plant. Pressure vessels are normally complying with ASME standard. Pressure vessels are also supplied with special requirements such as ASME ‘U’ stamp, PED, CIN, NACE, IBR stamping. Construction of vessels may be flat heads, dished heads, dome heads, cylindrical shell type or square type. Pressure vessels are also supplied with Rubber lining, Glass flack lining, Poly Ethane lining etc to protect the vessel material from fluid’s nature.

We undertake Design, Engineering, Manufacturing, Supply, and Erection & Commissioning of Pressure vessels as per client’s process specifications.

Design & Manufacturing Competency:

Fluid type: Any (Sour or Sweet gas)

Temperature: 1000 C

Max Pressure: 300 bar g / 4500 psig

Vessels Max capacity: 200 m3