Industrial Vent Silencers

engineered-equipmentsSilencers are basically used to silent (attenuate) the sound caused either by friction of gases molecules or pressure drop in various process applications. Non Hazardous gases such as Steam, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen, Air, Carbon Di-oxide etc are permitted to vent or deliver into atmosphere. These gases generally produced during the various chemical or mechanical processes or required for such processes. While venting into atmosphere & due to difference in the atmospheric pressure and gas pressure, they generating noise due to friction caused by dropping the pressure and increasing in the velocity with atmosphere. These vent silencers are specially designed to absorb such noise and deliver the gases to atmosphere silently. We provides various designs for different applications and process requirements. All silencers made by are unique in design and application based.

We do design, Engineering & Supply of almost all kinds of Industrial Silencers such as Vent Silencers, Control Valve Silencers, Compressor Inline Silencers, Blower Silencers, Fan Silencers, and Exhaust Silencers etc.

Design Competency:

Gas type: Any (Sour or Sweet gas)

Temperature: 1000 C

Max Pressure: 300 bar g / 4500 psig

Flow capacity: 1000 TPH

Maximum Noise attenuation:75dbA