Control Valves are important control equipment used widely in all process industries and piping to control the flow of fluids. Generally Fluids such as gases are compressive in nature and having molecular density uneven and moving freely into the flow area. These gases when caused to pressure drop during the throttling, their volume increases and through the similar flow area the velocity increases which causes resonance in the pipeline and creates noise. This noise sometimes unbearable in surrounding area which is not acceptable as per HSE policy of the plant. This noise can be attenuated by our specially annular designed control valve silencers. Control Valve Silencers (CVS) has wide range of models depends upon the service conditions. These CVS models are closed from both end nozzles and constructed as per pressure vessels. These CVS models are normally mounted on downstream side of valve. Outlet of CVS can be piped with flange connection. All CVS models customized designed to meet the performance and manufactured as per standard quality assurance and complying with various National & International standards. We undertake design Engineering, Manufacturing & supply of CVS models as per client’s specification requirements. Special requirements such as ASME ‘U’ stamp, PED, CIN, NACE, IBR can be complied.

Design Competency:

Gas type: Any (Sour or Sweet gas)

Temperature: 1000 C

Max Pressure: 300 bar g / 4500 psig

Flow capacity: 1000 TPH

Maximum Noise attenuation: 75 dbA